Does 0% Down Sound Good to You?

When you have to pay for a big expense, you are always going to look for the best deal available ...
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The Dangers of Online Gaming

Internet safety is always a big concern, especially for parents. You never know who your kids might be meeting online ...
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Sorry Kids, More Homework for You

Any child will tell you, and most parents would agree, that you have to get up pretty early if you ...
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Where Is Your Food Prepared?

Everybody is a fan of good food, and most people would argue that the best food out there isn’t found ...
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Who Pays for Fire Damages?

Wildfires ravaged the Tennessee wilderness this year causing millions upon millions of dollars in property damage. After the ash and ...
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They Found Sewing Needles Where?

Everyone knows that they are supposed to have a balanced diet in order to remain healthy. This includes eating plenty ...
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No One Left Behind

As Hurricane Florence batters the East Coast, people caught within the storm are hunkering down and trying to ride it ...
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Southern Tennessee Set a New Record This Summer

Southern Tennessee is pretty well known for having hot summers. As of late, the region has regularly set new high ...
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Stopping for School Buses

School is back in session once again and for students, that means that the fun of summer is over. For ...
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Be Prepared for October 18

California is pretty well known for having plenty of wildfires, and 2018 has been no exception. This year’s fire season ...
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LA’s Escalade-ing Car Problem

In the continuing saga of illegal car club takeovers in Los Angeles, yet another recently took place outside a West ...
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Move Over or Slow Down

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that driving on the freeway is not quite the same as driving on ...
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