Rules On The Beaches In Tennessee

California is known for its coastline. Famous beaches line Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Big Sur are iconic to the ...
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Think Twice Before Throwing That Frisbee

If you’re in Los Angeles County, you might want to reconsider playing frisbee with your best friend or dog. The ...
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Tennessee Liquor Laws We Take For Granted

If you have been born and raised in Tennessee, and you’re 21 years of age, you know that getting ahold ...
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What Is That Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

It’s a nice sunny day and you’re walking around outside. You’re strolling by some of your favorite shops on Main ...
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Are Drones Legal During Emergency Situations

Over the past few years, the general population has become obsessed with drones. One of the best things about drones ...
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Graduating High School Just Got Easier

Everybody wants to graduate. Kids want to graduate from high school. Young adults want to graduate from college. Adults want ...
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Nightly Routine To Keep Your Stuff Safe

Nobody ever wants to have to deal with their stuff being stolen or broken. After all, everyone really likes their ...
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Expunging An Arrest Record Because Of Factual Evidence

One of the first things people who’ve been charged with a crime want to know is how to go about ...
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Diversity In Tennessee

One of the great things about Tennessee is the massive amount of diversity in the culture, food, and people. Not ...
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Tennessee’s Opinion Of Tinted Car Windows

Having tinted windows on your car while driving might reduce some of the glare you experience, tinted windows look cool, ...
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Family Time Is Worth The Time

Family time is one of those things where you love to hate it. You love getting together and reminiscing on ...
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Sunglasses: For Fashion Or For Health?

Living in Tennessee means one of two things. First, you love the vibes of the state, sun, and culture. The ...
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