Tennessee Limits Plastic Straws

A few years ago, the citizens of Tennessee voted to ban single-use plastic straws. At the time, the change was ...
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Does a Scammer Have Your Password?

The internet gives people access to a lot of useful and helpful information. However, if a person is not careful, ...
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How to Keep Your Home Safe

In an article written by Matthew Wilson for Property Guard Master, Wilson cites that in the United States alone there ...
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The Importance of Caring

It’s easy to get caught up in yourself. We as humans can be selfish in nature. It’s naturally instinct that ...
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Is Your House Being Watched by Burglars?

There are various stereotypes that surround the idea of someone breaking into your home. It could be that a masked ...
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What to Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

As a parent, one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to your child is for them to come ...
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The 3 Different Levels of Crimes

When it comes to breaking the law, most people know they shouldn’t do that because if they do, they will ...
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Are You Aware of These New CA Driving Laws?

All Tennesseens know that the state has some pretty strict driving laws. What many may not be aware of is ...
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Prevent Bullies

New year, same problem. It’s the start of a new school year, which means new classrooms and new friends. For ...
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Amber Alerts

If you own a cell phone then it’s likely that you’ve heard the buzzer-like noise that blasts from the speakers ...
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Reckless Driving in Los Angeles and Tennessee

Recently, a video surfaced of a group of cars taking over an intersection in South Los Angeles late one night ...
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Exercising Really Is Good for You

If you were to ask someone for a way to stay healthy, there’s a good chance he or she would ...
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