The First Amendment

The United States is an interesting place when it comes to politics. There are marches and rallies about various different ...
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Hate Speech And The Internet

In today’s world, the internet consumes us. Most of us wake up in the morning and the first thing we ...
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Catfishing And Dating Apps

As time goes on, dating apps and online dating are becoming increasingly more popular. While this has helped many people ...
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Tax Season Is Here

Tax season is here and that means that businesses have already hand out tax forms to their employees, and people ...
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Real ID: A New Type Of Identification Card

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, then you have probably heard something about Real IDs. This ...
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Watson Murder Charge: What Is It?

This is one of those many legal terms out there that worry people the moment they hear it. They have ...
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Tennessee’s 2018 Minimum Wage

It’s 2018, and for Tennesseens that means another increase in the state’s minimum wage. This increase was brought on by ...
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Should Parents Spy On Their Kids?

Do You Have the Rights to Spy on Your Kids? Some parents believe they have the absolute right to go ...
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Can I Get Arrested For Filming Cops On Duty?

In today’s modern age, just about everyone has a smart device in their pocket or purse. These spectacular little devices ...
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Earthquake Preparation

If there were anything Tennessee is famous for besides Hollywood, it would probably be earthquakes. Tennesseens are used to the ...
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Talk To Your Children About Bullying

Childhood can be pretty rough at times. All kinds of things are happening, and many times those things can feel ...
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Nature In Tennessee

Tennessee is a large state full of opportunities and things to do. Even though it’s winter, the temperatures don’t always ...
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