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How to Get the Lowest Bail Possible in Tennessee

Bail is expensive and unfortunately, there really isn’t much anyone can do about it. There are tips for lowering your bail amount possibility, though you’ll still probably think it’s expensive and we’d probably agree. But you’ll take what you can get, right? Here is what you can do to ensure you get the lowest bail amount possible:

  • Have no criminal history – you have a clear record before this offense, make sure the judge is aware of this. With this being your first point on your record, the judge will certainly take this into consideration. It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to pay $30,000, the same amount a judge would ask a repeat offender to pay for the same crime.
  • Have strong community ties – the more people you are closely connected to in the community, the less likely you are to skip town and miss your court-ordered appearance. 
  • Have a sense of regret and responsibility – stress to the judge that you made a mistake, and it will not happen again. You intend to be fully compliant with all terms and conditions. But do not over-do this to come off as being fake!

These are tips to help you get a bail amount that is as low as possible. And even when you do get that amount, if you still want or need help paying the bail, we totally understand. That’s why we, Murfreesboro Bail Bonds, would like to help you pay for your bail.

Call us at (615) 895-3733  to learn more about our affordable, low monthly rate bail bonds. We promise that with our help, paying for bail will be easier, more affordable, and less stressful.