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“Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro is committed to treating our clients in a way that’s built on understanding and respect.” Our job is to help you by doing as much as we can to make the bail process as easy and convenient as possible for you.

We Offer the Best Help with DUI, Drug, Warrant, Domestic Violence, Felony, Traffic, Weapons & Misdemeanor

For Immediate Bail Help, Call (615) 410-2700 To Connect With A Licensed Bail Agent.


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Compassion When It Matters Most In Murfreesboro

Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro is a family-owned, statewide, bail bonds company for 28 years. Our agents truly care about helping our clients rescue their loved ones from jail. It does not matter what your situation is, when you call our office our agent will greet you with compassion and professionalism every step of the way. Our bail agents are the best bondsmen in Tennessee and will work quickly to secure the release of your loved one.

Services we provide include:

  • 0% Interest Payment Plans
  • 24/7 Bail Bond Service
  • Phone approvals
  • No Hidden Fees – Unlike other bail agencies
  • No Collateral with Working Signer


Free at Last Bail Bonds in Murfreesboro is the best bail bonds company when you are looking for a deal. For qualified signers, we can offer a no money down bail bond. This means you or you’re loved one can be out of jail without needing the money that very day. This makes your life easier and helps keep you calm and collected so you can make good decisions. Other bail bond companies strive on making their clients stressed and scaring them into paying more for a bail bond.

We Specialize in Fast, 24-hour availability! Call us now, and get them out within hours!

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Let A Family-Owned Bail Bonds Company Help You Post Bail

Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro is a family-owned company that was founded 20 years ago. Since then we have bailed thousands of people out of jail and helped them get back to their families. We have some of the best bail agents in Tennessee at Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro. They have knowledge that has been passed down from bondsman to bondsman for the past 20 years.

Not only do our bail agents have inherited knowledge, but they also have the training that they receive on a yearly basis at Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro. We believe our bail agents are never done learning and so we continue to train them. This lets them help you and your family better than any of our competitors.

Our skilled bail bondsmen can have your friend or family member out of jail quickly and make the entire process easy for you. We have bail offices all over Tennessee with most located near local jails or courthouses. We can have your loved one bailed out in as little as two hours depending on the county he or she was arrested in.

Bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro. We know that a loved one can get arrested at any time, so we make sure we are always available to offer our assistance. So whenever a friend or family member gets arrested, you can count on us to be there for you and your loved one.

Being a family-owned bail bonds company teaches our bail agents how important family is. This way when you call Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro, you know we will help you to the best of our ability. We will handle bailing your loved one out of jail as we would our own. You can count on Free at Last Bail Bonds Murfreesboro to make bailing your friend or family member fast and simple.

Talk to a bail agent for free by calling 865-290-3199.

Call us now, get them out within hours! (615) 410-2700 for a free consultation with a professional bail agent.