Who is your First Post-Arrest Phone Call? A Defense Lawyer or Free At Last Bail Bonding?


As soon as you’ve been formally charged and arrested for a crime, you start facing some tough decisions. One of the first ones you need to make is whether you should call a defense lawyer or Free At Last Bail Bonding.

While every single situation is different, most people should probably contact Free At Last Bail Bonding first and start making arrangements to secure the bail bond that will bring about their release. 

There are a few reasons Free At Last Bail Bonding should be your first call, including:

• Getting out of jail as quickly as possible decreases the likelihood of you accidentally saying/doing something that could jeopardize your case
• You’ll be more relaxed when you’re at home
• It’s easy to mount a defense when you’re not in jail
• You can continue to work, which allows you to earn the money needed to pay your legal bills

Once you’ve contacted Free At Last Bail Bonding by calling 615-242-3733 or clicking the Chat With Us Now, your next move is contacting your lawyer. They will tell you how much you should reveal on the phone.

There are several reasons Free At Last Bail Bonding is your best choice when you need help covering your Tennessee bail. Those reasons include:

• Flexible payment plans 
• Simple contracts 
• 24/7 service 
• Phone consultations 
• Online consultations 
• Zero worry about hidden fees 
• Zero down bail bond 
• Zero-interest bail bond 
• Fast service 
• Discretion 

Extremely experienced bail bonds experts are available at Free At Last Bail Bonding twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including all major holidays. When you contact us, you’re immediately entitled to a free bail bonds consultation during which we’ll answer all of your questions and explain everything you need to obtain bail. Our fee is a low 10% of the set bail amount and we offer a 20% discount to qualifying individuals. 

Don’t let a high bail discourage you from contacting Free At Last Bail Bonding. We understand that this isn’t something you budgeted for and are willing to work closely with you to create a payment plan that allows you to make bail and be released from jail as quickly as possible.

If you learn that a bail hearing is needed before you’re released from jail then your lawyer should be the first call you make. You’ll need your lawyer to make your case and appeal to the judge for the lowest possible bail amount.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we’ll reunite you with your loved ones!

Simply call 615-242-3733 or click the Chat With Us Now. 

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