Is Your Friend A Cat Or Dog Person?

The best way to find out if you and another person are going to be great friends, is to learn ...
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Why Cuddling Is Good For You

Did you know you can hire professional cuddlers? We’re not talking about random strangers cuddling you, we’re talking about people ...
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Conserving Water In Tennessee

While the drought may technically be over for many areas of Tennessee, it is never a bad idea to conserve ...
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When Social Media Pranks Turn Into Crimes

Do not be surprised if you post incriminating content on your social media and then a few days later, the ...
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Passing Cars While Driving

It is no surprise that Tennesseens spend a lot of time behind the wheels. This means we spend a lot ...
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Why Modern Generation Is Losing The True Meaning Of LOVE

The true meaning of love has vanished in today’s society, by having virtual lives on the social media. Shakespeare wrote ...
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Ways To Deal With A Stressful Work Environment

We have all had a stressful day on the job, but when a stressful day turns into weeks and months, ...
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Surf’s Up! Why You Should Be Surfing In The Winter

One of the many benefits of living in Tennessee is that you’re right by the coast. In Tennessee, you can ...
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Are You Using These Words Correctly?

There are dozens of words within the English language that are misused regularly. This is not a surprising fact. With ...
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Have You Heard Of These Strange Laws?

Just about everyone knows that not every idea is a good idea. We’ve all had ideas that we thought were ...
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The 5 Stages Of Grief

There are people out there that might be currently dealing with letting go of past relationships. These people might find ...
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Motorcycle Laws

Each state has different laws in regards to a lot of things, but what you may not think about is ...
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