Could Flying Motorcycles Be the Future of Law Enforcement?

Could Flying Motorcycles Be the Future of Law Enforcement?

Here in the US, we like to make sure that our law enforcement officers have the latest and greatest tech at their disposal. This, along with their training, helps ensure that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. However, even for us, there are some bits of technology that are too advanced to be used in the field just yet. However, that is not the same for police officers elsewhere in the world.

Police officers in Dubai are getting to test out and train on some brand new tech that would make just about anyone jealous. The Dubai police force is already known for having a fleet of super cars including a few Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Now, the police force is training officers on flying motorcycles.

The plan is to have these officers and vehicles in service by 2020. A Tennessee company, Hoversurf, created the electrical vertical take-off vehicles and has a deal with the Dubai police force to provide them with a few of their vehicles. If the police force likes the vehicles, then they will be able to request some more.

Currently, this tech is very new, and therefore limited. The bike’s battery takes 2 and a half hours to fully charge and can stay airborne for 10-25 minutes when controlled by and carrying a pilot. When flying in drone mode, it can fly for around 40 minutes. Both the Dubai police force and Hoversurf are looking into ways to improve the vehicle, giving it more flight time.

This could be the first step in new technology. If it goes well, we could soon see these kinds of vehicles here in the states as well. Just imagine getting pulled over by a hover bike.