Does a Judge Consider Your Finances When Setting Bail

Many people feel that the judges deliberately set bail so high that people can’t afford it. It’s not uncommon for people to claim that the judge looked at the defendant’s personal finances and determined how much they couldn’t afford to pay and deliberately set bail at that amount.

Judges do indeed look at certain aspects of your financial situation while considering the range the bail schedule allows them to set bail.

When setting bail, judges aren’t concerned about how much money you have in your bank account. What they are looking at is whether you have a history of steady employment. 

The reason the judge is concerned about your employment status is that the general belief is that individuals who are gainfully employed tend to be more responsible and more likely to attend all of their court dates. A history of unemployment will often give the judge pause and make them wonder if they should grant bail at all. 

Your job history and financial situation are just one of the things the judge considers when they are setting bail. The first thing they have to look at is the bail schedule which serves as a guideline that attaches a certain bail amount to specific charges. They also consider your criminal history, your history of failing to appear in court, and if there is anything to suggest that you would be a danger to others or yourself if you’re granted bail. 

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