Parents Should Be Careful with Instant Soups

Parents Should Be Careful with Instant Soups

Any parent will tell you that taking care of a child is not an easy undertaking. They need constant supervision, or else they can get into some serious trouble. A recent study found that 1 in every 5 scald burns are caused by ramen and instant soups.

Instant soups are quick, easy and cheap meals, making them a favorite of anyone who is on a budget. Plus, their simplicity in how they are prepared causes many parents to allow their young children, between the ages of 4 and 12, to make the meal themselves. Since it is such a simple meal, some parents don’t keep an eye on the child as they make it. Unfortunately, this can lead to very serious accidents.

The soups often involve warming the water by placing it in a microwave for a short amount of time. This causes the water to be incredibly hot. If the child knocks the soup over or spills it in any way, they can easily burn themselves in a way that needs medical attention. If a parent is looking to avoid a trip to the emergency room, then they should keep an eye on their kids as they make those sorts of meals.

Unfortunately, most instant soup containers are not helping kids either. Most containers for these kinds of meals are made out of flimsy materials, and their shapes make them easy to spill. The tall, thin containers can will tip over when inclined more than 20 degrees. This has caused many people to begin pushing for companies to redesign their containers in order to make them harder to tip over and spill.

No one ever said that being a parent is easy. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to keep a child safe and healthy. This includes watching young kids as they make simple meals such as ramen and other instant soups.